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Rogers, Kenyatta 2014; 2023

Wednesday, October 15, 2014
with Hannah Gamble
Chicago Cultural Center
Wednesday, October 18, 2023
Blue Hour Reading Series with Kenyatta Rogers and Marcy Rae Henry
Haymarket House


I had a dream
that I read a poem
to a woman
and cried
at how beautiful
it was

and she cried
at how beautiful
that was
and I thought
how even my
thoughts are
a problem.

– Kenyatta Rogers, “The Most Beautifullest Thing”

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Watch Kenyatta Rogers’ 2023 reading with Marcy Rae Henry at the Chicago Poetry Center:

Kenyatta Rogers begins at 19:28 minutes.

I never missed that $60,
I could spend it easily.
I can take the stairs,
I have fingers and can use buttons.
Before lightning there should be thunder
and if there’s not, it’s still ok.

– Kenyatta Rogers, “Bruce Banner #3”

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Listen to Kenyatta Rogers, with Hannah Gamble, read for the Poetry Center of Chicago’s Six Points Reading Series:

Listen to Kenyatta Rogers read “Carpet Bomb”:

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Rae, Sarah A. 2023

Monday, August 28, 2023
Poetry @ the Green with Sarah A. Rae
320 S. Canal


Women. That’s what he wants. Women of all
shapes and sizes. Mexican and American. Maybe
even Polish, like the blond upstairs.
He wants them at his funeral, crying their eyes
out, so he can look down on them and smile and laugh
and remember and feel proud that he’s kept them
coming back for more. Coming back, for the parts
of his body they say they like the most. His eyes for
Maria la Amarillo. His chest, La Metiche Americana
de la vecindad. His hair, Sherry la Americana
de Michigan con the black Trans Am. Pilar la vieja,
para todo, for all his body.

– Sarah A. Rae, “What he really wants”

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Watch Sarah A. Rae read the poetry of Guadalupe Ángela:

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Rogers, Brittany 2023

Wednesday, August 16, 2023
Blue Hour Reading Series with Brittany Rogers and Maggie Queeney
Haymarket House


After Zoe Saldana defends playing Nina Simone in her biopic by saying “For so many years, nobody knew who the [fuck] she was. She is essential to our American history. As a woman first, and only then as everything else.”

I looked at my Aunt Sarah skin;
my stay out the sun-
You already an eclipse- face.
Body an automatic rejection letter
erasure waiting to happen.

– Brittany Rogers, “Black Girl Sips Tea with Nina Simone”

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Watch Brittany Rogers’ 2023 reading with Maggie Queeney at the Chicago Poetry Center:

Brittany Rogers begins at 42:40 minutes.

I birth a child, and the wet wound never closes.
My mother diagnoses postpartum casually
as if saying – mail is here, and your name is on it.
Explains the drilling is nothing I asked for, overripe nerves happen sometimes.

– Brittany Rogers, “Pantoum for Postpartum”

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Listen to Brittany Rogers read her poem, “The Year ‘Caught Out There’ Became My Theme Song”:

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Randall, Julian 2023

Wednesday, April 19, 2023
Blue Hour Reading Series with Maya Pindyck and Julian Randall
Haymarket House


The children of fugitives perhaps lust for nothing
so much as a country where we are faster
than everything else. Here I graceless bouquet
of dark whipping hard through a need
for electric.

– Julian Randall, “The Zero Country”

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Watch Julian Randall’s 2023 reading with Maya Pindyck at the Chicago Poetry Center:

Julian Randall begins at 36:54 minutes.

my body is an architecture of gazes/I wanted your eyes/not for the color/but the water/I was born/into thirst/and questions/what are you/where did you come from/what do they speak there/are you Black/are you the border/and my throat crack down to scarlet with the answer/I bleed/therefore I am

– Julian Randall, “Biracial Boy Reps His Blood”

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Watch Julian Randall perform his poem “Drown”:

Read Julian Randall’s interview with Pen America:

A PEN Ten Interview with Julian Randall – PEN America

This week, guest editor Natalie Desroisers, the programs and communications fellow at Cave Canem, speaks to poet Julian Randall.

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Ruiz, D. Santina 2023

Wednesday, February 15, 2023
Blue Hour Reading Series with Natasha Mijares and D. Santina Ruiz
Haymarket House


Watch D. Santina Ruiz’s 2023 reading with Natasha Mijares at the Chicago Poetry Center:

D. Santina Ruiz begins at 42:15 minutes.

Read D. Santina Ruiz’s interview with Maria Rodriguez-Morales (BKWRITA):

D’Santina Ruiz; Bringing Diaspora to Design

Ever since she was a child, D’Santina Ruiz found treasure in the recyclable. Wanting to create a new home for the displaced and reveling in the affordable, refurbished items she would often make new again; D’Santina found sanctuary in the aisles of Humboldt Park thrift shops.

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Ratzabi, Hila 2022

Wednesday, September 21, 2022
Blue Hour Reading Series with Faylita Hicks and Hila Ratzabi
Haymarket House


We fear from afar
The brutal waste of war
The extravagant arrogance of power.
We rage at the rage of men
Who refuse to see you, or rather,
Choose to see through you and thereby
Refuse to see themselves.

– Hila Ratzabi, “We See You: For Ukraine”

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Watch Hila Ratzabi’s 2022 reading with Faylita Hicks at the Chicago Poetry Center:

Hila Ratzabi begins at 42:51 minutes.

When I heard the explosions I was watching TV
after putting the kids to bed. There was nothing on
and I didn’t feel like checking the news,
dear God, because how could I want
to hear, over and over again,
the same story. While falling asleep
my son said, “I have so many stories
in my pocket to tell you.” Someone’s son,
another one, is dead. All his stories
folded up inside the quiet earth.

– Hila Ratzabi, “Prayer for Solomon Teka”

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Watch Hila Ratzabi perform at the Bowery Poetry Club:

Read Oak Park Public Library’s Feature on Hila Ratzabi:

Poet Hila Ratzabi is exploring the big questions & speaking for Earth

By Kristen Romanowski, Staff Writer & Editor Hila Ratzabi became a poet at age 7. As a New York City kid growing up in Queens, she was composing poems

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Rosen, Danielle 2017

Thursday, March 30, 2017
with Maggie Crowley and Carris Adams (performed as Patricia Rose)
Museum of Contemporary Photography


 A hole cut into a wall is another way of saying: flatness is not
the opposite of space. In addition: there is always more than one conclusion.
And: there are always multiple beginnings. 

              – Danielle Rosen with Patricia Rose, “Wordplay is Wordplay”

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Read this interview with Danielle Rosen:

Watch Danielle Rosen perform as a member of Patricia Rose at a Chicago Poetry Center event:

Poetry Reading: Maria Barnas and Danielle Rosen from MoCP, Columbia College Chicago on Vimeo.

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Roberson, Ed 2017

Thursday, June 29, 2017
Poetry in the Parks with Daniel Woody
Garfield Park Conservatory


we drown together
in our living
to drink
from this

– Ed Roberson, “Handed the Rain”

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Read this interview with Ed Roberson from the Weekender:

White dashes of contrails’
seemingly unmoving streak towards sunrise
disquiet the pale otherwise
unpunctuated blue of dawn breaks it off                Here is that silence

Ed Roberson, “Here”

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Watch Ed Roberson read here:

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