Mijares, Natasha 2023

Wednesday, February 15, 2023
Blue Hour Reading Series with Natasha Mijares and D. Santina Ruiz
Haymarket House


In the exile hood,
a ghostwriter jukebox
stretches its vocabulary
muscles and says farewell
to the wide-eyed blade.

– Natasha Mijares, “Ghost Fields”

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Watch Natasha Mijares’ 2023 reading with D. Santina Ruiz at the Chicago Poetry Center:

Natasha Mijares begins at 24:20 minutes.

Read Natasha Mijares’ interview with Sixty Inches from Center’s Chicago Archives + Artists Project:

Chicago Archives + Artists Project: Interview with Natasha Mijares – Sixty Inches From Center

Artist and writer, Natasha Mijares, talks about the DePaul Art Museum’s collection of Latinx art as well as humor, analog technology, and creative lineage.

What do we sing in our families
that isn’t already playing? Colored buoys
collapse when unlined, it is unclear
how long fireflies take to cool.

– Natasha Mijares, “Covey”

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Read Natasha Mijares’ interview with LVL3:

Natasha Mijares – LVL3

Tell us a bit about yourself and what you do I am an artist, writer, curator, and educator. I have curated exhibitions, reading series, publications, public art projects, festivals, and more. I have educated folks of all ages and love connecting around learning. I am an interdisciplinary artist who is driven by the questions that […]

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