Randall, Julian 2023

Wednesday, April 19, 2023
Blue Hour Reading Series with Maya Pindyck and Julian Randall
Haymarket House


The children of fugitives perhaps lust for nothing
so much as a country where we are faster
than everything else. Here I graceless bouquet
of dark whipping hard through a need
for electric.

– Julian Randall, “The Zero Country”

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Watch Julian Randall’s 2023 reading with Maya Pindyck at the Chicago Poetry Center:

Julian Randall begins at 36:54 minutes.

my body is an architecture of gazes/I wanted your eyes/not for the color/but the water/I was born/into thirst/and questions/what are you/where did you come from/what do they speak there/are you Black/are you the border/and my throat crack down to scarlet with the answer/I bleed/therefore I am

– Julian Randall, “Biracial Boy Reps His Blood”

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Watch Julian Randall perform his poem “Drown”:

Read Julian Randall’s interview with Pen America:

A PEN Ten Interview with Julian Randall – PEN America

This week, guest editor Natalie Desroisers, the programs and communications fellow at Cave Canem, speaks to poet Julian Randall.

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