Henry, Marcy Rae 2023

Wednesday, October 18, 2023
Blue Hour Reading Series with Marcy Rae Henry and Kenyatta Rogers
Haymarket House


Too much truthtelling in poetry. It ain’t lyrical.
Stick with your own kind. Smoldering
and unwashed and looking for the nearest spigot.

That’s more like life.
But the thing is, there was a drama teacher.
Asymmetrical haircut. Glasses on a long chain of beads.
And a love scene: You have to kiss whoever I pair you with.

– Marcy Rae Henry, “It was the 80s and gay girls at our high school got the hell beat out of them”

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Watch Marcy Rae Henry’s 2023 reading with Kenyatta Rogers at the Chicago Poetry Center:

Marcy Rae Henry begins at 37:50 minutes.

i tell you there are 5 black doors in front of me
and i want to paint one red.

amnesia is typically violent.
non-penetrating business is common
and reasonably understood.

the brain suffers playback.
non-penetrating violent failure.

– Marcy Rae Henry, “polygraph of the amnesiac”

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