Pindyck, Maya 2023

Wednesday, April 19, 2023
Blue Hour Reading Series with Maya Pindyck and Julian Randall
Haymarket House


His command: Hold out your hand.
Grabs her palm, the shade
of white asparagus. Shoves in it
a wad of bills. Count them. Too high,
she tries, adjusting her New Year’s
tiara, to focus her tired eyes.

– Maya Pindyck, “The Count”

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Watch Maya Pindyck’s 2023 reading with Julian Randall at the Chicago Poetry Center:

Maya Pindyck begins at 22:06 minutes.

After the war all that remains
reads as half scribbles of the half dead
language. I stop to eat an empanada,
half butterfly, by the lapping waves
& salivating dogs. Let the poem be the place
we touch our other halves, somewhere
between the parcels carried,
her cotton bag & face

– Maya Pindyck, “Half Poem”

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