Ruiz, D. Santina 2023

Wednesday, February 15, 2023
Blue Hour Reading Series with Natasha Mijares and D. Santina Ruiz
Haymarket House


Watch D. Santina Ruiz’s 2023 reading with Natasha Mijares at the Chicago Poetry Center:

D. Santina Ruiz begins at 42:15 minutes.

Read D. Santina Ruiz’s interview with Maria Rodriguez-Morales (BKWRITA):

D’Santina Ruiz; Bringing Diaspora to Design

Ever since she was a child, D’Santina Ruiz found treasure in the recyclable. Wanting to create a new home for the displaced and reveling in the affordable, refurbished items she would often make new again; D’Santina found sanctuary in the aisles of Humboldt Park thrift shops.

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