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Henry, Marcy Rae 2023

Wednesday, October 18, 2023
Blue Hour Reading Series with Marcy Rae Henry and Kenyatta Rogers
Haymarket House


Too much truthtelling in poetry. It ain’t lyrical.
Stick with your own kind. Smoldering
and unwashed and looking for the nearest spigot.

That’s more like life.
But the thing is, there was a drama teacher.
Asymmetrical haircut. Glasses on a long chain of beads.
And a love scene: You have to kiss whoever I pair you with.

– Marcy Rae Henry, “It was the 80s and gay girls at our high school got the hell beat out of them”

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Watch Marcy Rae Henry’s 2023 reading with Kenyatta Rogers at the Chicago Poetry Center:

Marcy Rae Henry begins at 37:50 minutes.

i tell you there are 5 black doors in front of me
and i want to paint one red.

amnesia is typically violent.
non-penetrating business is common
and reasonably understood.

the brain suffers playback.
non-penetrating violent failure.

– Marcy Rae Henry, “polygraph of the amnesiac”

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Read this interview with Marcy Rae Henry:

Riding the Dragon: Between Inhale and Exhale, Time Stretching Like Shadows Across Purple Mountains – Mud Season Review

An Interview with Marcy Rae Henry by Jonah Meyer, Mud Season Review Poetry Editor Please tell us about your writing process. Do you have a specific or favored routine? A preferred time, setting, or place for your creation of poems? Who, what, when, or where tends to inspire you?

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Hicks, Faylita 2022

Wednesday, September 21, 2022
Blue Hour Reading Series with Faylita Hicks and Hila Ratzabi
Haymarket House


The highway swells like tide and I lie awake, willing
dozens of wheels to swerve loose of the pile-up
I know is coming, always comes, when I am away,
being Black and bothered.

– Faylita Hicks, “ASMR Sleepcast: The Night After Being Released from the Rural County Jail”

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Watch Faylita Hicks’ 2022 reading with Hila Ratzabi at the Chicago Poetry Center:

Faylita Hicks begins at 8:17 minutes.

You should know this city
thirsts for copper-
tinged sediment & meat
fresh from the workers
of the dying farms & fields.
Sick without a steady flux
of salt-leaking star-beaten
bodies, this city turns
in on itself & chews
on my sisters

– Faylita Hicks, “Before Moving to Austin”

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Watch Faylita Hicks perform at The Tobin:

Read Faylita Hicks’ interview with The Rumpus:

A Time and a Place: Talking with Faylita Hicks – The Rumpus

Faylita Hicks discusses her debut poetry collection, HOODWITCH.

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Hunter, Lauren 2017

Thursday, Sept 14, 2017
with Melissa Castro
Julius Meinl



this happens when i am between asleep
and you                    when my hair is wet
call me hurricane i answer to anything 

              – Lauren Hunter, “i am warm and powerful”

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Read this interview with Lauren Hunter from Entropy:


VI KHI NAO: Your lack of line breaks or your internal line breaks are one of most compelling aspects of this poetry collection. Could you talk about your process with it?

why i like to see my breath like smoke. why i like to
be the last body in a room. i’m gonna touch everything, someday. 

– Lauren Hunter, from “the gospel according to tough love”

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Watch Lauren Hunter read here:

Lauren Hunter HUMAN ACHIEVEMENTS NC LAUNCH – selina kyle’s apartment

Lauren Hunter reads selina kyle’s apartment from HUMAN ACHIEVEMENTS (Birds, LLC 2017) at The Shed Jazz Club in Durham, NC on February 18. Video by Carin Hunter.

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Holloway, Shawné Michaelain 2018

Thursday,April 19, 2018
with Sherae Rimpsey and Jazzy Smith


Watch some of Shawné Michaelain Holloway’s work:

“castle_of_the_white_prince” or an_offer_i_couldnt_accept.mp4

This is “”castle_of_the_white_prince” or an_offer_i_couldnt_accept.mp4″ by shawné michaelain holloway on Vimeo, the home for high quality…

Read this interview from Paper Magazine:

Shawné Michaelain Holloway Takes On Intimacy, Sexuality And Power Dynamics In Her “Extreme Submission” Series

We are pleased to announce a new collaborative series, NewHive for PAPER, with our friends at multimedia publishing platform NewHive, which will run bimonthly on Featuring artist interviews, first looks, deep dives and special projects, this column will be co-curated by both outlets a…

Listen to some of her music here:

shawné michaelain holloway

shawné michaelain holloway. Chicago, Illinois.

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Henderson, Tim “Toaster” 2016

Thursday, May 19, 2016
with Helene Achanzar
Beauty & Brawn Art Gallery and Think Space

Read this interview with Tim “Toaster” Henderson from SF Weekly:

The Write Stuff: Tim (Toaster) Henderson on Running Toward the Disturbing

click to enlarge The Write Stuff is a series of interview profiles conducted by Litseen, where authors give exclusive readings from their work. Tim (Toaster) Henderson and I met in the basement of Viracocha six months ago, when we both realized that being far from home in S.F.

Read this article about Tim “Toaster” Henderson:

Tim Toaster Henderson and the Art of the Slam

In September P&W-supported poet Tim Toaster Henderson was the featured performer at Coast Slam in Fort Bragg, California. First-time slam judge Gene Lock blogs about the event (with a little help by series director Christina Perez). A poetry slam, we now know, has rules. Poems are orally presented, in front of a microphone.

Watch Tim “Toaster” Henderson perform some of his work:

National Poetry Month, Tim “Toaster” Henderson, Martin

Toaster is an artist out of Chicago, Illinois. A poet, mural artist,and musician, Toaster uses a kaleidoscope of artistic vision to create, express and teach. Before leaving Chicago, He has been featured on National Public Radio, at the legendary Green Mill, and at the World’s largest youth poetry slam “Louder Than A Bomb”.

Toaster “Mondays” – ALL DEF POETRY: INKSLAM 2014

Subscribe for more poetry! Today’s featured artist is TOASTER. Evolving from a partnership between the Greenway Arts Alliance and Da’ Poetry Lounge (the nation’s longest running open mic poetry event), InkSlam is LA’s premiere spoken word festival. This year All Def Digital was there to capture the gifted poets that graced the stage.

Toaster – “Martin” (Button Live)

Subscribe to Button! New video daily: Minnesota folks! Don’t miss Button Poetry Live: Every first Monday at CAMP Bar in downtown Saint Paul. Toaster, featuring at Button Poetry Live, February 2016. Follow Button on Facebook: About Button: Button Poetry is committed to developing a coherent and effective system of production, distribution, promotion and fundraising for spoken word and performance poetry.

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Hoffman, Richie 2015

Wednesday, December 9, 2015
with Erika L. Sánchez
Chicago Cultural Center


We always arrived late,
sometimes in masks. You wore a sword
at your side. The heads that watched
our little pageant were busts of the great composers
and not men lined up for the executions.

– Richie Hoffman, “At The Palais Garnier”

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Read this interview with Richie Hoffman from divedapper:

DIVEDAPPER // Richie Hofmann

“The world has already written the poem.”

 Didn’t rain choke the animal throats
of the cathedral      sputter
against the roofs of the city      didn’t the flight
of stairs rise up above the cobbled street
didn’t the key clamor
in the lock 

– Richie Hoffman, “Keys to the City”

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Listen to Richie Hoffman read one of his poems:

The Adroit Journal – Issue Nine: Richie Hofmann

Richie Hofmann Second Empire, is winner of the Beatrice Hawley Award and is forthcoming from Alice James Books in 2015. He is the recipient of a Ruth Lilly Fellowship from the Poetry Foundation, and his poems appear in The New Yorker, Ploughshares, Kenyon Review, and Poetry.

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Henning, Sara 2015

Thursday, September 24, 2015
with Rachel Mennies
Chicago Cultural Center


In your mouth I find the story of my body
you’ll trade for a psalm to grow in the snow,
psalm you’ll feed to starlings

– Sara Henning, “Aubade with Starlings and What Serenely Disdains to Destroy Us”

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Read this interview with Sara Henning from Rappahannock Review:

Rappahannock Review Contributor Spotlight: Interview with Sara Henning

The poetry editors, Rappahannock Review : In your piece “During the Tornado, I’m Thinking of Stars,” how much of the vocabulary was already familiar to you (for example, “the plane’s thermoplastic wall”), and how much was borne out of research?

They’re calling them sisters, funnels grafted
to the same spine of rotating air, but I know
they’re lovers by how my jet turns wet
and reckless between squalls, by how the squalls
are raptured from the same nexus of desire.

– Sara Henning, “During the Tornado, I’m Thinking of Stars”

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Watch Sara Henning read for the Chicago Poetry Center, with Rachel Mennies:

The Poetry Center of Chicago: Six Points Reading Series

Poets Rachel Mennies & Sara Henning are featured at The Poetry Center of Chicago’s Six Points Reading Series. This program was recorded by Chicago Access Network Television (CAN TV).

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Hughes, Ted


Bloody Mary’s venomous flames can curl;
They can shrivel sinew and char bone
Of foot, ankle, knee, thigh, and boil
Bowels, and drop his heart a cinder down;
And her soldiers can cry, as they hurl
Logs in the red rush: “This is her sermon.”

– Ted Hughes, “The Martyrdom of Bishop Ferrar”

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Read this interview with Ted Hughes from the Paris Review:

Paris Review – The Art of Poetry No. 71, Ted Hughes

The Paris Review is a literary magazine featuring original writing, art, and in-depth interviews with famous writers.

Farmers in the fields, housewives behind steamed windows,
Watch the burning aircraft across the blue sky float,
As if a firefly and a spider fought,
Far above the trees, between the washing hung out.
They wait with interest for the evening news.

– Ted Hughes, “The Casualty”

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Watch Ted Hughes discuss and read his work:

Ted Hughes interview and a reading from The Iron Man

Ted Hughes speaking about putting his stories to music and he reads an extract from The Iron Man.

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Hughes, Frieda


The holes that filtered you before,
Like swamp dogs, open mouthed, are sleeping.
Their mud has sunk between your fault lines
And their bed
Rocks at the end of your corridor.

– Frieda Hughes, “The Smile”

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Read this interview with Frieda Hughes from TIME:

Breaking News, Analysis, Politics, Blogs, News Photos, Video, Tech Reviews –

If the world of poetry were a monarchy, Frieda Hughes would certainly be a princess. A poet, children’s book author and artist in her own right, Hughes, 46, is the daughter of poets Sylvia Plath and Ted Hughes.

They are killing her again.
She said she did it
One year in every ten,
But they do it annually, or weekly,
Some even do it daily,
Carrying her death around in their heads
And practicing it. She saves them
The trouble of their own;
They can die without ever making
The decision. My buried mother
Is up-dug for repeat performances.

– Frieda Hughes, “My Mother”

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Watch Frieda Hughes read her work at the Ted Hughes Festival 2008:

Ted Hughes Festival – Frieda Hughes reads her poems

24/10/2008 – Ted Hughes Theatre, Mytholmroyd. Frieda Hughes reads some poems from her published collections “Wooroloo”, “Stonepicker” & “Waxworks” and from her upcoming “The Book of Mirrors”. This video is only an excerpt of her reading, I apologise for the quality of both image and sound.

More info on Frieda Hughes⇒

Howard, Jean


Here fuchsia is not sun.
It is the skin of your forehead
Tightening like pomegranate.
And these seeds spilling out
Are not your thoughts,
Your life,
But the undoing of your life
As you wander
The corridors of this
Ship, trying to find

– Jean Howard, “The Cruise”

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Listen to Jean Howard discuss her poetic inspirations from Image Union:

Under lemons
the size of swollen fists,
Joseph speaks of Limoncello,
the first dream of the blossom
before its bud reseals.

– Jean Howard, “Tourist in Amalfi”

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Watch Jean Howard read her poetry at City Art:

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