Hunter, Lauren 2017

Thursday, Sept 14, 2017
with Melissa Castro
Julius Meinl



this happens when i am between asleep
and you                    when my hair is wet
call me hurricane i answer to anything 

              – Lauren Hunter, “i am warm and powerful”

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VI KHI NAO: Your lack of line breaks or your internal line breaks are one of most compelling aspects of this poetry collection. Could you talk about your process with it?

why i like to see my breath like smoke. why i like to
be the last body in a room. i’m gonna touch everything, someday. 

– Lauren Hunter, from “the gospel according to tough love”

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Watch Lauren Hunter read here:

Lauren Hunter HUMAN ACHIEVEMENTS NC LAUNCH – selina kyle’s apartment

Lauren Hunter reads selina kyle’s apartment from HUMAN ACHIEVEMENTS (Birds, LLC 2017) at The Shed Jazz Club in Durham, NC on February 18. Video by Carin Hunter.

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