Hughes, Ted


Bloody Mary’s venomous flames can curl;
They can shrivel sinew and char bone
Of foot, ankle, knee, thigh, and boil
Bowels, and drop his heart a cinder down;
And her soldiers can cry, as they hurl
Logs in the red rush: “This is her sermon.”

– Ted Hughes, “The Martyrdom of Bishop Ferrar”

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The Art of Poetry No. 71

Ted Hughes lives with his wife, Carol, on a farm in Devonshire. It is a working farm-sheep and cows-and the Hugheses are known to leave a party early to tend to them. “Carol’s got to get the sheep in,” Hughes will explain. He came to London for the interview,…

Farmers in the fields, housewives behind steamed windows,
Watch the burning aircraft across the blue sky float,
As if a firefly and a spider fought,
Far above the trees, between the washing hung out.
They wait with interest for the evening news.

– Ted Hughes, “The Casualty”

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Ted Hughes interview and a reading from The Iron Man

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