Henning, Sara 2015

Thursday, September 24, 2015
with Rachel Mennies
Chicago Cultural Center


In your mouth I find the story of my body
you’ll trade for a psalm to grow in the snow,
psalm you’ll feed to starlings

– Sara Henning, “Aubade with Starlings and What Serenely Disdains to Destroy Us”

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Rappahannock Review Contributor Spotlight: Interview with Sara Henning

The poetry editors, Rappahannock Review : In your piece “During the Tornado, I’m Thinking of Stars,” how much of the vocabulary was already familiar to you (for example, “the plane’s thermoplastic wall”), and how much was borne out of research?

They’re calling them sisters, funnels grafted
to the same spine of rotating air, but I know
they’re lovers by how my jet turns wet
and reckless between squalls, by how the squalls
are raptured from the same nexus of desire.

– Sara Henning, “During the Tornado, I’m Thinking of Stars”

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Watch Sara Henning read for the Chicago Poetry Center, with Rachel Mennies:

The Poetry Center of Chicago: Six Points Reading Series

Poets Rachel Mennies & Sara Henning are featured at The Poetry Center of Chicago’s Six Points Reading Series. This program was recorded by Chicago Access Network Television (CAN TV).

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