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Young, Avery 2019

Thursday, August 29, 2019
Six Points Reading Series with Tara Betts and Avery Young
Chicago Water Taxi (Loop to Chinatown’s Ping Tom Park)

basement smell(t) like a raccoon
chewin on a banana laffy taffy
inside de furnace
cussin mary’s baby
& erything else

              – Avery R. Young, “[out wes(t)]”

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Watch Avery R. Young speak with WGN News about being named Chicago’s Inaugural Poet Laureate:

1. He reminded me of the character Willis Jackson from the TV show Diff’rent Strokes. This prompted me to reimagine a dark narrative of a Willis who would be bullied for having all of blk Harlem caked on him inside his new Manhattan boarding school. In front of a studio audience who wouldn’t laugh.

Avery R. Young, from “peestain”

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Watch Avery R. Young perform with De Deacon Board here:

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Yoon, Emily Jungmin 2016

Saturday, February 6, 2016
with Christopher Soto, Roger Reeves, and Jamila Woods
Wednesday, November 8, 2017
with Jehanne Dubrow
City Lit Books


There’s an article on how to eat an apple.
But I am eating a pear and thinking
pear in Korean is a homonym for ship or boat

– Emily Jungmin Yoon, “News”

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Read this interview with Emily Jungmin Yoon from The Blueshift Journal:

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I want to paint you with rainwater:
your window, smoke over slick avenues.
The first time I thought you beautiful,
your lashes blonde lamplight.

– Emily Jungmin Yoon, “Soren”

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Watch Emily Jungmin Yoon read her work at UChicago:

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Young, Kevin 2003

Wednesday, February 12, 2003
with Denise Duhamel


The day folds up like money
if you’re lucky. Mostly
sun a cold coin
drumming into the blue
of a guitar case. Close
up & head home.

– Kevin Young, “Busking”

Broadside of "Busking" by Kevin Young.

Broadside of “Busking” by Kevin Young.

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RUN AWAY from this sub-
scriber for the second time
an outlandish dark fellow

– Kevin Young, “Reward”

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Watch Kevin Young read and discuss some of his poetry:

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Young, Dean 2000

Thursday, February 10, 2000
with Kenneth Koch


We cannot push ourselves away
from this quiet, even in our sprees
of inattention, the departing passengers
stubbing out their smokes, arrivees in tears,
lots of cellophane, the rumpus over parking.

– Dean Young, “Sleep Cycle”

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Listen to Dean Young’s reading with Kenneth Koch for the Poetry Center of Chicago on February 10, 2000:

You shouldn’t have a heart attack
in your 20s. 47 is the perfect time
for a heart attack. Feeding stray shadows
only attracts more shadows. Starve a fever,
shatter a glass house. People often mistake
thirst for hunger so first take a big slurp.

– Dean Young, “Folklore”

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Read NPR’s segment on Dean Young’s Pre-Transplant Poetry:

The Heart Of Dean Young’s Pre-Transplant Poetry

Poet Dean Young has dealt with impermanence a lot in his career, but it’s a particularly poignant theme in Young’s latest collection, Fall Higher. The new collection was published in April, just days after the poet received a life-saving heart transplant after about a decade of living with a degenerative heart condition.

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Yau, John 2000

Tuesday, September 19, 2000
with Ed Paschke


The world weeps. There are no tears
To be found. It is deemed a miracle.
The president appears on screens
In villages and towns, in cities in jungles
And jungles still affectionately called cities.
He appears on screens and reads a story.

– John Yau, “Broken Sonnet”

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Listen to an interview with John Yau from Clocktower:

It does not do you like it
Imperfect copy’s forgery
Posts its vermillion decree

– John Yau, “The Missing Portrait (1)”

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Watch John Yau’s reading at the Hammes Campus Bookstore in November 2015:

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