Dubrow, Jehanne 2017

Wednesday, Nov 8, 2017
with Emily Jungmin Yoon
City Lit Books



We dreamed of glowing children,
their throats alive and cancerous,
their eyes like lightning in the dark.

              – Jehanne Dubrow, “Chernobyl Year”

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Read this interview with Jehanne Dubrow from the American Literary Review:

Obsession and Resistance in Poetry: An Interview with Jehanne Dubrow

SEBASTIAN PARAMO: Before accepting your new professorship at the University of North Texas, you had a role as an arts administrator, editor, professor, and poet-all roles that participate in the literary community. Did these roles inform your writing process? JEHANNE DUBROW: Absolutely.

And flickering beyond the fence,
we’ll see the slatted lives
of strangers. The light
above a neighbor’s porch
will be a test of how we tolerate
the half-illumination
of uncertainty

– Jehanne Dubrow, “Syllabus for the Dark Ahead”

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Watch this visual depiction of one of her poems:

The Long Deployment by Jehanne Dubrow

11 November, 2015 – Leave a comment – Posted in Videopoems In honor of Armistice Day, Remembrance Day, and in the U.S., Veteran’s Day, here’s a poem by Jehanne Dubrow adapted by Nicole McDonald for Motionpoems, whose monthly email newsletter describes it as “a love letter to all who’ve had a loved one overseas.”

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