Yarberry, S. 2024

Wednesday, February 21, 2024
Blue Hour Reading Series with S. Yarberry and Dan “Sully” Sullivan
Haymarket House


A world of fragment is my private life.
A world, though, is just the world to the public.
If my life is a field then it’s a dirt field.
Regular, and bearing all dragged through it.
Marked, is what I mean. The dirt harrowing.

– S. Yarberry, “Stage Directions”

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Watch S. Yarberry’s 2024 reading with Dan “Sully” Sullivan at the Chicago Poetry Center:

S. Yarberry begins at 21:41 minutes.

In one moment the man curls himself into a ball,
a pink ball, like fire like something burning,
as the woman turns from him, all night,
into an eternal night, blazing, these bad lovers do this—an
ambiguous call comes up from the distance—no one
listens, anymore.

– S. Yarberry, “An Apocalyptic Wanting, Wanting”

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Listen to this interview with S. Yarberry:


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