Young, Dean 2000

Thursday, February 10, 2000
with Kenneth Koch


We cannot push ourselves away
from this quiet, even in our sprees
of inattention, the departing passengers
stubbing out their smokes, arrivees in tears,
lots of cellophane, the rumpus over parking.

– Dean Young, “Sleep Cycle”

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Listen to Dean Young’s reading with Kenneth Koch for the Poetry Center of Chicago on February 10, 2000:

You shouldn’t have a heart attack
in your 20s. 47 is the perfect time
for a heart attack. Feeding stray shadows
only attracts more shadows. Starve a fever,
shatter a glass house. People often mistake
thirst for hunger so first take a big slurp.

– Dean Young, “Folklore”

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Read NPR’s segment on Dean Young’s Pre-Transplant Poetry:

The Heart Of Dean Young’s Pre-Transplant Poetry

The poet’s latest collection, Fall Higher, was published just days after he received a life-saving heart transplant. Now, Young is on the mend, but his book recalls when he was staring down death.

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