Soto, Christopher 2016

Saturday, February 6, 2016
with Roger Reeves, Emily Jungmin Yoon, and Jamila Woods


My heart is a mudslide, it will suffocate you
[stuff your mouth with forestry].
Don’t you know? That broken-boys can’t
make a proper home. Just listen to my chest.

– Christopher Soto, “Hatred of Happiness”

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Nepantla: an Interview with Christopher Soto – Apogee Journal

Christopher Soto is the founder and curator of Nepantla, a new online journal featuring the writing of Queer Poets of Color. Nepantla offers not only a new creative space for poetry to thrive, but a new way to look at what a literary community can be.

Say that my body // is not a sequin dress–
Is not a raw fish, being stripped of scales.
Say that I am not // a drunken disco ball
In a lonely skating rink.

– Christopher Soto, “Myself When I Am Real”

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  I wake with no sleep. Yellow tape is wrapped around my block.

– Christopher Soto, “Oakland, Cal.”

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