Sia, Andy 2022

Wednesday, January 19, 2022
Blue Hour Reading Series with Andy Sia and Matthew Olzmann


I am a ghostwriter. That is, I am a ghost who writes. I have wanted to write. It seems like such a human thing to do. But I could not even hold up a quill. Everything slips through my flimsy grasp. Undeterred, I begin work on a novel in my mind. I have to work fast, you see, because thoughts keep leaking out of my insubstantial head.

– Andy Sia, “The Ghostwriter”

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“Once a security guard caught me practicing my artin the nearby park. He instructed me to stop my obscenedriveling. I paid him no heed, sent a bubble towards himlike a free-spirited man in a parachute. He wasunmoved. I lose hope, sometimes. I grow weary…”- from “At age 10, I showcase my ability by blowing spit bubbles,” Summer 2018 (Vol.

To-day I deploy the fur-trimmed and sequined lids over the paper eyes, I work the apparatus known as the “mouth”: How else am I to dispel us of the charade, Viewer, peel off the loveliest mask of you?

– Andy Sia, “Lion Dance”

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