Olzmann, Matthew 2022

Wednesday, January 19, 2022
Blue Hour Reading Series with Andy Sia and Matthew Olzmann


Look at it now! It rockets upward, almost vertical,
beginning in his backyard, puncturing
the cloud cover, and everyone speculates
where it will end. It will end
where all ambitions end: in the ether,
where the body ceases, and a story continues.

– Matthew Olzmann, “Build, Now, a Monument”

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Watch Matthew Olzmann’s 2022 reading at the Chicago Poetry Center:

Watch Matthew Olzmann read one of his poems here:

On Earth, when my wife is sleeping,
I like to look out at the sky.
I like to watch TV shows about supernovas,
and contemplate things that are endless
like the heavens and, maybe, love.

– Matthew Olzmann, “Astronomers Locate a New Planet”

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Matthew Olzmann’s latest collection, Constellation Route, is out now from Alice James. He has published two previous collections, Contradictions in the Design and Mezzanines, and he has received fe…

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