Mixed Bag Series 1999

Wednesday, January 27, 1999
Mixed Bag Series – 5 Chicago Performance Poets
Nina Corwin, Kent Foreman, Regie Gibson, Maria McCray, and Marvin Tate
Cover of the Mixed Bag broadside series.

Cover of the Mixed Bag broadside series.

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She learned the meaning of industry
From Sunday school sermons on
Protestant virtue,
the third little pig,
the spider not the fly,
and the squirrel putting up supplies
for the barren season–

– Nina Corwin, “Lady Sisyphus”


It is the law:
seasons, best selling books and empires
come and go.
Babies are born to die,
bridges are built to one day fall
and shoes wear out.

– Kent Foreman, “It is the Law”


Amazon of song
valkyrie riding astride blue horses
of chanted mystery
you who assassinate
the killer of your
children’s dreams

– Regie Gibson, “Poet Woman”

Billie sang!     the truth of blooming blood blossoms
the bottomless search-seek for love,
the pitless people, pillaging, plagiarizing,
picking apart

– Maria McCray, “Holliday & Well Worth a Celebration”

she wants to reclaim her body
change it back to its original shape
like when she danced, you know she use
to dance, in the middle of a drum circle

– Marvin Tate, “Blue eggs for a blue poet”

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