Foreman, Kent 1999; 2001

Thursday, March 15, 2001
with Sheila Donohue and Olivia Maciel


It is the law:
seasons, best selling books and empires
come and go.
Babies are born to die,
bridges are built to one day fall
and shoes wear out.

– Kent Foreman, “It is the Law”

Broadside of "It is the Law" by Kent Foreman.

Broadside of “It is the Law” by Kent Foreman.

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Bring with you your anger on Saturday Nights
And your beautiful children,
their great eyes full of wonder
that hunger for your learning
I understand, young man, with your outraged confusion
that smolders upon corners.

– Kent Foreman, “Para Los Latinos (and Frederico Garcia Lorca)”

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…Aw, baby, look!
This life is not no legend, David.
Underdogs is buried everyday.
Only fairy tales are filled with giant killers.
Man, let Goliath sleep. Or there’ll be hell to pay.

– Kent Foreman, “From Jonathan to David”

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