Gibson, Regie 1999


Amazon of song
valkyrie riding astride blue horses
of chanted mystery
you who assassinate
the killer of your
children’s dreams

– Regie Gibson, “Poet Woman”

Broadside of "Poet Woman" by Regie Gibson.

Broadside of “Poet Woman” by Regie Gibson.

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You came through a fissure in the night    Federico
framed in a coat of thorns    Federico
Your frail body a tilde of light
Your body    thin as a bull’s horn

– Regie Gibson, “Federico”

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Boston-based slam poet Regie Gibson performs with saxophonist Stan Strickland.

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This talk was given at a local TEDx event, produced independently of the TED Conferences. To Thine Own Self Be Hip: a response from Hamlet to young men who have contemplated suicide Former National Poetry Slam Champion Regie Gibson has lectured and performed widely in the U.S., Cuba and Europe and is a recipient of the Absolute Poetry Award.

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