Streckfus, Peter 2004

Monday, February 2, 2004
with Dan Beachy-Quick and Arielle Greenberg

peter streckfus

Trust the moth that flutters in your shirt. Its branch
is nearby. Secondly, you must fix your guitar.

– Peter Streckfus, “Memories are Nothing, Today is Important”

Broadside of Peter Streckfus' poem, Memories are Nothing, Today is Important."

Broadside of Peter Streckfus’ poem, Memories are Nothing, Today is Important.”

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Cristiana Baik with Peter Streckfus

This interview with Peter Streckfus, conducted by Cristiana Baik, focuses on Streckfus’ The Cuckoo and his most recent collection, Errings . Cristiana Baik: A decade separates the publication of your two collections, The Cuckoo (Yale University Press, 2004) and Errings (Fordham University Press, 2014). Have your thoughts about poetry and poetics shifted, changed during this time?

Last night, my father came to my dreaming
self in the form of a vampire.
A vampire’s position is liminal—
neither alive nor dead, both and neither,
nini-funi in Japanese, two-but-not-two.

– Peter Streckfus, “Body Dreams”

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