Beachy-Quick, Dan 2004

Monday, February 2, 2004
with Peter Streckfus and Arielle Greenberg

Must I anger and must my anger pearl,
My anger pearl, must I pearl, must I polish
Madness daily, rub nacre into a world
Perfect, round, what in my hand should finish

-Dan Beachy-Quick, “Sonnet”

Broadside of "Sonnet" by Dan Beachy-Quick

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A metaphysic of the page, a mode of inquiry called wonder: an interview with Dan Beachy-Quick

B. K. Fischer, writing about two of Dan Beachy-Quick’s books for the Boston Review, locates what she sees as a struggle for him and his contemporaries-or for any poet born in a “post-structuralist intellectual climate,” where arguments about the instability of meaning and language have taken on a lacquer of given-ness: to not let these theoretical claims become so unquestionable that they begin to resemble what they set out to destabilize.

Record no oiled tongue, diary–
Note my lantern bruises the low
Clouds with light the evening
We talked. Almonds in a bowl;
She ate none. I did
Not bid her remove her dark
Gloves as sometime before she had done.

– Dan Beachy-Quick, “[Record no oiled tongue, diary]

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