Saenz, Jacob 2023

Wednesday, November 15, 2023
Blue Hour Reading Series with Jacob Saenz and Jason Bayani
Haymarket House


As a boy I bicycled the block
w/a brown mop top falling
into a tail bleached blond,

gold-like under golden light,
like colors of Noble Knights
’banging on corners, unconcerned

w/the colors I bore—a shorty
too small to war with, too brown
to be down for the block.

– Jacob Saenz, “Evolution of My Block”

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Watch Jacob Saenz’s 2023 reading with Jason Bayani at the Chicago Poetry Center:

Jacob Saenz begins at 19:13 minutes.

He was just some coked-out,
crazed King w/crooked teeth
& a teardrop forever falling,
fading from his left eye, peddling
crack to passengers or crackheads
passing as passengers on a train
chugging from Chicago to Cicero,
from the Loop through K-Town:
Kedzie, Kostner, Kildare.

– Jacob Saenz, “Blue Line Incident”

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Listen to this interview with Jacob Saenz:

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