Scappettone, Jennifer 2022

Wednesday, November 16, 2022
Blue Hour Reading Series with Jennifer Scappettone and Carlos Cumpián
Haymarket House


I was pre-Pandoran once, clear & amok, scarlet free where scarcely orange or purple romed: all font, Greek, drunk, then, then Tyred, vinegar aspect for breakfast. How I seam now in video footage of national folding where only arson lives lives.

– Jennifer Scappettone, ” da s”

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Watch Jennifer Scappettone’s 2022 reading with Carlos Cumpián at the Chicago Poetry Center:

Jennifer Scappetone begins at 14:19 minutes.

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An Interview with Jennifer Scappettone – Asymptote

Jennifer Scappettone is a poet, scholar, and translator, but her work with language far exceeds those categorizations, and her efforts to diminish the gaps between them far outweighs the privileging of one. In the preface to the 125-page dossier she edited for Aufgabe 7, which featured

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