Leigh, Eugenia 2023

Wednesday, May 17, 2023
Blue Hour Reading Series with CM Burroughs and Eugenia Leigh
Haymarket House


My baby brandishes a wooden knife
meant to halve a wooden shallot
as he hollers his newest word. Knife.
Look at my son, flashing
his dagger, jamming it into plush
animals. Knife, knife. Look at him,
oblivious to the weapons
littering his lineage or, God forbid,
possessed by them.

– Eugenia Leigh, “Glossolalia”

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Watch Eugenia Leigh’s 2023 reading with CM Burroughs at the Chicago Poetry Center:

Eugenia Leigh begins at 43:46 minutes.

The rest of us,
trembling among our mothers’
bargain trench coats, waited
for Narnia. There, we dreamed
we were the children
of lions. Heirs to our own beds.

– Eugenia Leigh, “Children of Lions”

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