Burroughs, CM 2023

Wednesday, May 17, 2023
Blue Hour Reading Series with CM Burroughs and Eugenia Leigh
Haymarket House


rustle plastic bags of outside food in
movie theaters/talk out of turn
in the swallow-dark light/believe
trash should be/as confetti/everywhere
in the viaducts’ shadow/souring in gutters’
craw/jaywalk with the urgency of sloth /split
verbs meaningfully

– CM Burroughs, “Our People I”

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Watch CM Burroughs’ 2023 reading with Eugenia Leigh at the Chicago Poetry Center:

CM Burroughs begins at 21:56 minutes.

Everybody is doing trigger warnings now, so
To Whom It May Concern, I hated God
when my sister died. I didn’t know it was
coming, but we were at the hospital in a private
room for family, and our pastor
was there, the one who baptized me, and
he said Let us pray, and I kept my eyes
open to watch everybody, but
listened, and when he said Sometimes
God has to take back his angels,
I was smart enough to know, I was 14, that
he was saying she was gone or going

– CM Burroughs, “God Letter”

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