Low, Lisa 2022

Wednesday, March 16, 2022
Blue Hour Reading Series with Carlina Duan and Lisa Low


But in the privacy
of my own home, I stroke my hair
like a hipster who wants wisdom
from his beard. I can’t stop admiring
myself to my husband, who isn’t
as amazed as I am about follicles containing
2 or 3 strands, or the different lengths
of hair like actual grass. My first
female friend with armpit hair was beautiful
and, of course, white, and I lived for a few years
in a town full of organic gardening, armpit hair,
and white feminism.

– Lisa Low, “Ode to Armpit Hair”

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Watch Lisa Low’s 2022 reading with Carlina Duan at the Chicago Poetry Center:

Lisa Low begins at 19:02 minutes.

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Massachusetts Review

In childhood, I watched strangers speak in slow motion to my mother in a language she started learning when she was five. I watched their lips—their eyebrows like someone holding a toy out to a child.

– Lisa Low, “My Mother’s Body in America”

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