Duan, Carlina 2022

Wednesday, March 16, 2022
Blue Hour Reading Series with Carlina Duan and Lisa Low


in the basement with a broom. we
were kids, feral. gooseberry jam. real
smart lipped. four-square, too. cool
asphalt, shiny sneaker kings. we
watched the rats after she left
for work. tails: grey cords coiled. school
in the basement, slant windows, we
sat near a tipping sun.

– Carlina Duan, “Nainai Killed Rats”

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Watch Carlina Duan’s 2022 reading with Lisa Low at the Chicago Poetry Center:

Carlina Duan begins at 3:14 minutes.

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Microreview and Interview: Carlina Duan’s “Alien Miss”

A conversation with Carlina Duan about her newest collection, “Alien Miss.”

I don’t want to hear the physics behind everything I do. I know it’s there, lurking like a greyhound moon in between my toothpaste, my thumbs, the body’s scribble. There are skin cells on my jeans. there is plurality in the way I leave myself behind.

– Carlina Duan, “Moon Pull”

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Read Carlina Duan’s interview with Asian American Writers’ Workshop:

Confronting the Author: A Conversation with Carlina Duan

“I wanted to turn to actual living language-and reveal, through poetry, the contradictions or erasures or sometimes comic possibilities imposed by different texts.”

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