Shin, Sun Yung 2021

Wednesday, November 10, 2021
Reading Series with Viola Lee and Sun Yung Shin


This is you—Titanus giganteus, your maw snapping pencils in half and cutting through human flesh. My encyclopedia chokes on your bulk. My camera, timid, afraid to look, as if you’re naked—not one adult male, but millions.

– Sun Yung Shin, “(Riot Police)”

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Watch Sun Yung Shin’s 2021 reading with Viola Lee at the Chicago Poetry Center:

Sun Yung Shin begins at 21:22 minutes.

Read Sun Yung Shin’s Interview with BOMB Magazine:

No more hangings, no more gas chambers. No one allowed to remain in the center of the labyrinth, guarding their dna from the world, from the future. No more contemplation, no more waste. Everyone leaning toward paradise. Shields down and the word enemy will pass from memory. You are my kind.

– Sun Yung Shin, “Seventh Sphere (Saturn: The Contemplatives)”

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Watch Sun Yung Shin share her work at University of Minnesota Libraries’ 14th Annual Pankake Poetry Reading:

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