Olivarez, José 2018

Friday, May 18, 2018
Poets in Space with Alex Dimitrov
Dearborn Observatory


 Jesus has a tattoo of La Virgen De Guadalupe
covering his back. turns out he’s your cousin
Jesus from the block. turns out he gets reincarnated
every day & no one on Earth cares all that much. 

– José Olivarez, “A Mexican Dreams of Heaven”

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José Olivarez vs. Grownups – VS | Poetry Foundation

Poet, educator, and Young Chicago Authors Marketing Director José Olivarez explores adulting and gives some podcast-veteran advice to Danez and Franny.

all my people fold into a $2 crunchwrap supreme. the white woman
means lucky to be here and not mexico. my dad sings por tu
maldito amor & i’m sure he sings to america.

– José Olivarez, “I Walk Into Every Room and Yell Where the Mexicans At”

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José Olivarez’s New Book ‘Citizen Illegal’ Is An Economic Crisis Book Of Poems.

Citizen Illegal is a book of poems that are meant to show and give voice to the ghosts and joys that haunt Mexican life.

my monsters, coyotes in the
chase, look almost human
in the sterile office light.
my monsters say they just
want to be friends.

– José Olivarez, “my therapist says make friends with your monsters”

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