Dimitrov, Alex 2018

Friday, May 18, 2018
Poets in Space with José Olivarez
Dearborn Observatory

 Make sure you date and sign here then save all the soft things.
Because everyone wants to know when it was,
how it happened — say something about it.
How the night hail made imprints all over.
Our things. Our charming and singular things. 

– Alex Dimitrov, “Together and by Ourselves”

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DIVEDAPPER // Alex Dimitrov

“Resistance is one of the most important acts in life.”

 Outside, the city continued to tease us.
Hurricanes came, storms couldn’t please us:
it was all very fast and beautifully made. 

– Alex Dimitrov, “In the New Century I Gave You My Name”

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Alex Dimitrov at Radar Reading Series

Alex Dimitrov is the author of American Boys (2012) and Begging for It (2013). In 2014 he launched Night Call, a multimedia poetry project through which he read poems to strangers in bed and online. Dimitrov is also the founder of Wilde Boys, a queer poetry salon in New York City.

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