Stringfellow, Tara 2017

Wednesday, Februdary 1, 2017
with RJ Eldridge and Vu Tran
City Lit Books

 this is what we made
when they chained us
together like dogs
in a savage new world
and bid us toil
no, we said
we will sing 

– Tara Stringfellow, “a poem for black girls in their twenties”

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loved me but in white
i spoke only negro
meaning i did not know fairy tale
saw it in movies, yes, but saw my daddy
spit on in a park in chicago
grimms negated

– Tara Stringfellow, “my ex-husband”

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my sister collected hair thick as a nest
from all the old combs in the house
buried it deep in red clay
daddy will come back she chanted

– Tara Stringfellow, “hot combs catfish crumbs and bad men”

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