Villanueva, R. A. 2015

Thursday, May 7, 2015
with Rachel Eliza Griffiths
Chicago Cultural Center


Not vinegar. Not acid. Not
sugarcane pressed to mortar by
fist, but salt: salt, the home taste; salt,
the tide; salt, the blood.

– R. A. Villanueva, “Archipelagic”

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DIVEDAPPER // R.A. Villanueva

“Poetry is trying, it seems to me, to conceive of how our universe works. “

Tonight, my mother paints her nails
black—a shade she names, “Dark Matter.”
She numbers what’s left of her cells,
tells us of this burning inside
her knees, laughs a promise to fight.

– R. A. Villanueva, “When Doves”

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