Griffiths, Rachel Eliza 2015

Thursday, May 7, 2015
with R. A. Villanueva
Chicago Cultural Center


Another time after she left
I saw a headless woman
hurrying after her like a jaguar.

– Rachel Eliza Griffiths, “Discrepancies Regarding My Mother’s Departure”

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The Rumpus Interview with Rachel Eliza Griffiths

The Rumpus Interview with Rachel Eliza Griffiths Rachel Eliza Griffiths’s is one of the most affecting books of poetry I’ve ever had the pleasure of reading. Each poem works in conversation with an important work of black literature but each poem is also evocative enough to stand on its own.

I pick you up
& you are a child made of longing
clasped to my neck. Iridescent,
lovely, your inestimable tantrums,
I carry you back & forth
from the famine in your mind.

– Rachel Eliza Griffiths, “Dear America”

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A Four Way Books Salon: Rachel Eliza Griffiths

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