Smith, Maggie 2015

Thursday, July 9, 2015
with Anthony Opal
Chicago Cultural Center


It doesn’t matter
if this river is listening. It’s not
from around here, and it’s not staying. 

– Maggie Smith, “River”

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Wise & Fierce Beauty: Maggie Smith’s The Well Speaks of its Own Poison

When I encountered Maggie Smith’s poetry manuscript The Well Speaks of its Own Poison, winner of Tupelo Press’ 2012 Dorset Prize, I knew, immediately, that I was in the presence of the real thing. There is wise, fierce, and truthful beauty here, the muscular craft to carry it across time and place, and both the […]

There are fish in the black trenches
of the sea that look like rocks.
Their poison shouldn’t trouble me.

– Maggie Smith, “Stonefish”

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