Rich, Adrienne


Spirit like water
moulded by unseen stone
and sandbar, pleats and funnels
according to its own
submerged necessity –

– Adrienne Rich, “At Willard Brook”

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Read this interview with Adrienne Rich on her poetry collection, “Tonight No Poetry Will Serve,” from the Paris Review:

Adrienne Rich on ‘Tonight No Poetry Will Serve’

Photograph by Robert Giard. Adrienne Rich needs no introduction. One of the twentieth century’s most exhaustively celebrated poets and essayists, she counts among her many honors a National Book Award, a Book Critics Circle Award, and the Lannan Lifetime Achievement Award. Robert Hass has ascribed to her work the qualities of salt and darkness, praising…

Saw you walking barefoot
taking a long look
at the new moon’s eyelid
later spread
sleep-fallen, naked in your dark hair
asleep but not oblivious
of the unslept unsleeping

– Adrienne Rich, “Tonight No Poetry Will Serve”

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Watch Adrienne Rich read her poem, “What Kind of Times Are These,” from Poetry Everywhere:

Poetry Everywhere: “What Kind of Times Are These” by Adrienne Rich

Adrienne Rich reads her poem “What Kind of Times Are These.” Part of the Poetry Everywhere project airing on public television. Produced by David Grubin Productions and WGBH Boston, in association with the Poetry Foundation. Filmed at the Geraldine R. Dodge Poetry Festival. For more information, visit

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