Finch, Annie 1998


is the sound of my loud carrying life a knell
far across your small ocean? Do you share
the secret that the months keep hidden there?

– Annie Finch, “Three Generations of Secrets”

Broadside of "Three Generations of Secrets" by Annie Finch.

Broadside of “Three Generations of Secrets” by Annie Finch.

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Ours are the only mouths
to taste with this smothering slow
touch, and the only steps
to sink like bellsounds and cave
deep into the marble snow.

– Annie Finch, “Frozen In”

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American poet Annie Finch is the author of more than twenty books of poetry, plays, translation, literary essays, textbooks and anthologies. Finch has been celebrated as “a major poet” (Charles Altieri) and “an American orginal” (Ron Siliman), one who “occupies a unique place in American poetry” (Molly Peacock).

When I was thirteen she found me,
spiralled into my blood like a hive.
I stood on a porch where she wound me
for the first time, tight and alive,

– Annie Finch, “Moon From the Porch”

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Watch Annie Finch read “A Blessing on the Poets:”

Annie Finch reading A Blessing on the Poets

Annie Finch reads her poem A Blessing on the Poets from the upcoming film Poetry Here Tonite

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