Stern, Gerald 1999

Wednesday, October 20, 1999

gerald stern

This time of year I kneel on my jacket. The ice
is almost solid. The groaning has ended. There is
an inch of fresh snow. A bush has turned to glass.

– Gerald Stern, “Did I Say”

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The Rumpus Interview with Gerald Stern

The Rumpus Interview with Gerald Stern There’s a black and white photo in which the poet Stanley Kunitz lovingly holds Gerald Stern’s cheeks in both hands. It’s 1990. They’re looking into one another, and Kunitz says, “You’re the wilderness in American poetry.” I’ve wanted to know what America’s poet of wilderness thinks about the power of art.

The second day of Eastern Standard
there is such a sound of bird croaking
it must be either blue jay whelps
or stiff crows just barely able to gasp
after a night of rotten sleeping.

– Gerald Stern, “Light”

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Watch Gerald Stern read some of his poetry:

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