Statman, Mark 2001

Thursday, October 4, 2001

mark statman

(image of cow, of horse
of cadaver or sleepy river
or a pure and less
than innocent love)

–Mark Statman, “Translating Garcia Lorca”

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Mark Statman ~ interviewed by Derek Alger | Pif Magazine

Mark Statman’s most recent books are the poetry collection, A Map of the Winds (Lavender Ink, 2013), and Black Tulips: The Selected Poems of Jose Maria Hinojosa (University of New Orleans Press, 2012). He is also the author of the poetry collection, Tourist at a Miracle (Hanging Loose, 2010), as well as a translation, with Pedro Medina, of Federico Garcia Lorca’s Poet in New York (Grove, 2008).

because the evidence
is elusive
or has grown
to illusion
I think to walk
will not tell me
what’s new

– Mark Statman, “one’s own better angels”

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