Rogers, Pattiann 1998

Wednesday, March 18, 1998

Consider the statement of bone:
Calcium and mineral gathered together and bound
Against the pressures of space, a latched
And maneuverable allegiance to the vertical,
That inner frame of stone determined
To keep constantly in its core the breeding
Red clay of the sea. I can believe
In an assertion like that.

– Pattiann Rogers, “Being What We Are”

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Read this interview with Pattiann Rogers from the Missouri Review:

Each single spill of rain makes
many ringing water gongs on the pond,
and the calls of the crow are simply one gong
sounding after the other, circling wider
and farther, rippling the sky
above the rippled pond. Below, a toad bug
swivels near the shore, and many sand grains
shiver like cymbals with the force
of that mallet.

– Pattiann Rogers, “Design of Gongs”

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Watch Pattiann Rogers discuss her early writing ambitions:

Pattiann Rogers | On Science and Art

Pacific University faculty from the MFA in Writing program talk about the program, writing, and their experiences at Pacific.

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