Peacock, Molly 1997

Wednesday, December 10, 1997

But now at the same time
it splits – half for each.
Our “then” is inside its “now,”
its halved pit unfleshed –

– Molly Peacock, “Couple Sharing A Peach”

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Listen to Molly Peacock’s 1997 reading for the Poetry Center of Chicago:

Watch Molly Peacock’s keynote presentation at the 50 and Better Conference, sponsored by The Loft Literary Center and Hennepin County Library:

Molly Peacock at the Loft

On June 2, 2012 Molly Peacock gave a keynote presentation as part of the 50 and Better Conference, cosponsored by The Loft Literary Center and the Hennepin County Library. Molly Peacock is an award-winning poet, creative nonfiction writer, and author of The Paper Garden: Mrs. Delany Begin’s Her Life’s Work at 72.

A city mouse darts from the paws of night.
A body drops from the jaws of night.
A woman denies the laws of night,
awake and trapped in the was of night. 

– Molly Peacock, “Of Night”

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Read an interview with Molly Peacock from Savvy Verse and Wit:

Interview with Poet and Author Molly Peacock

I hope you have a chance to read the review and to read this interview with the author about writing, Mary Delany, and the Virtual Poetry Circle. Without further ado, here’s the interview with Molly Peacock: The Paper Garden is a biography of an older woman, Mary Delany, embarking on an artistic journey late in her life.

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