Paschen, Elise 2009; 2011

Wednesday, March 4, 2009
with Reginald Gibbons
Saturday, November 19, 2011
with Kevin Prufer


I had removed
the hook from which
he’d swung with such
momentous grace.
But wasn’t I snared?
That look, that flash
as I tossed him back,
alive, in air. 

Elise Paschen, “Angling”

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Listen to an interview with Elise Paschen about the collection of poetry she edited:

 From milkweed to lupine a woman shadows
a monarch.  Slowly makes her way, conveys
her weight with care.  Inside the womb her son
flutters, then butterfly-kicks against walls. 

– Elise Paschen, “Monarch”

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Read this interview with Elise Paschen from Valparaiso Poetry Review:

Elise Paschen Interviewed by Edward Byrne

EDWARD BYRNE ~ ELISE PASCHEN INTERVIEWED BY EDWARD BYRNE I n November of 2006 I was pleased to introduce Elise Paschen for her poetry reading in the excellent Writing Out Loud series of author presentations at the Michigan City Public Library, not far from Valparaiso.

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