Hollo, Anselm 2004

Wednesday, November 10, 2004
with Ron Padgett

Ay, si: “The other place”
Where the most abstruse
Connections are made

– Anselm Hollo, “Mardi”

Broadside of “Mardi” by Anselm Hollo

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Listen to Anselm Hollo’s 2004 reading with Ron Padgett at the Poetry Center of Chicago:

Anselm Hollo begins at 6:08 minutes.

Mr. K said    in times of great crudity
it is necessary    to be subtle
so please wrap around me
with awkward grace

– Anselm Hollo, “Lost Original”

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Read this interview with Anselm Hollo from Poetry Society of America:

Anselm Hollo – Poetry Society of America

Are there essential ways in which you consider yourself an American poet? Having lived most of my adult life in the US of A, as a participant in an active community of [US]American poets, I have to say yes. But I prefer “american” (lower case).

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