Hanafi, Amira 2014; 2017

Thursday, September 11, 2014
with Ladan Osman
Wednesday, April 26, 2017
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 Today what makes me conspicuous? Is it my arrested sisters, my
beaten sisters? Is it the ten thousand of us who march in the walking prison of men’s arms?
I came here to be an Arab, and I found myself a woman

– Amira Hanafi, “No Comment”

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Listen to Amira Hanafi, with Ladan Osman, read for the Poetry Center of Chicago:

Amira Hanafi begins reading at 26:47 minutes.

Read an interview with Amira Hanafi:

How To Get Lost in a City: An Interview with Amira Hanafi

Until very recently, Amira Hanafi lived in Chicago. Now she lives in Cairo. In both cities she makes a habit of walking, sometimes with others. It’s a deliberate kind of wandering, a determined getting lost-ness, and enough work comes out of her walking, that I have started to think of the city as her studio.

Watch Amira Hanafi present her work exhibiting art in the Artellewa Art Space in Ard El Lewa, Cairo, Egypt:

Making and Exhibiting Contemporary Art in an Informal Settlement – Amira Hanafi

March Meeting 2012

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