Dzieglewicz, Teresa 2023; 2024

Monday May 22, 2023
Poetry @ the Green with Teresa Dzieglewicz
320 S. Canal
Wednesday, January 17, 2024
Blue Hour Reading Series with Teresa Dzieglewicz and C. Russell Price
Haymarket House


In the leafless trees whose names I don’t know, woodpeckers are preying
boisterously. I can’t find them. I’m not from a people who have done this,

at least recently, but I’m trying to get to know the plants— even
downloaded an app. I jam a stem of toothy florets into frame,

shoot. Calico aster, the screen tells me. Calico aster, I tell my toddler.
He digs in the dying stems, tries to pull out the roots. He’s a child

– Teresa Dzieglewicz, “Earth, I don’t know how to love you”

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Watch Teresa Dzieglewicz’s 2024 reading with C. Russell Price at the Chicago Poetry Center:

Teresa Dzieglewicz begins at 19:06 minutes.

Lady, I’m sorry you wasted your money
on that grocery store rose, petals creased
white from cheap scrunchy cellophane, sinewy
green scabs where there used to be thorns.
Sorry you wasted your time ripping your french tips
into the flower’s dark crimson hips, petal-flesh

– Teresa Dzieglewicz, “To the abstinence-only educator at my high school:”

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Listen to Teresa Dzieglewicz read her poetry and discuss her time at Standing Rock:

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