LeBlanc, Courtney 2023

Wednesday, September 20, 2023
Blue Hour Reading Series with Courtney LeBlanc and Cynthia Manick
Haymarket House


It’s easy to get lost here—with nothing
but wide open a person can wander
for weeks without finding shelter.
Men have plowed and planted, hoed
and harvested, been nurtured
and broken by this land—it’s not always
my fault but if a farmer doesn’t learn
grief early he’ll never make it.

– Courtney LeBlanc, “The Plains Speak Grief”

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Watch Courtney LeBlanc’s 2023 reading with Cynthia Manick at the Chicago Poetry Center:

Courtney LeBlanc begins at 19:11 minutes.

Because that would at least give me something
to write about. But I think of all the reasons I shouldn’t:
I’d have to wear something other than yoga pants,
have to go somewhere other than the grocery store
or the park because despite romantic comedies, I’m not
meeting anyone there.

– Courtney LeBlanc, “While Trying To Write A Poem I Realize I Have Nothing To Write About SO I Contemplate Having An Affair”

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Word Perv

Word Perv (noun): One who takes delight and is skilled at constructing, writing or saying naughty phrases or dialogue.

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