Queeney, Maggie 2016; 2023

Wednesday, September 14, 2016
with Toby Altman
City Lit Books
Wednesday, August 16, 2023
Blue Hour Reading Series with Maggie Queeney and Brittany Rogers
Haymarket House


laurel tree, limbs bent and twined into crown heifer     bank of marsh reeds,
handful lashed into pipes, song in another breath     a clutch of conifers, weeping

– Maggie Queeney, “Metamorphosis: The Female Into”

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Watch Maggie Queeney’s 2023 reading with Brittany Rogers at the Chicago Poetry Center:

Maggie Queeney begins at 21:50 minutes.

more than the men, even. The ones who looked
like I looked. Who called my name in a voice
I could not identify from my own on recordings.

– Maggie Queeney, “The Women”

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Listen to Maggie Queeney’s interview on the Viewless Wings Poetry Podcast:

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