Walsh, Jessica 2023

Wednesday, January 18, 2023
Blue Hour Reading Series with Kemi Alabi and Jessica Walsh
Haymarket House


I review email from a tailor who calls me Madame
tells me how to measure myself, since I must,
what a shame how we are reduced, isn’t it,
but surely his corset dress will bring me love
and comfort me through these terrible times.

– Jessica Walsh, “When All This Is Done”

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Watch Jessica Walsh’s 2023 reading with Kemi Alabi at the Chicago Poetry Center:

Jessica Walsh begins at 25:42 minutes.

Read Jessica Walsh’s prose piece “I Am Here to Give You Bad Advice”:

I am Here to Give You Bad Advice – Wisconsin Fellowship of Poets

When I was a junior at a small liberal arts college, I began applying for English Ph.D. programs. (The entire story of why I chose this path was my professor’s statement that “If you get a Ph.D. in English, you’ll probably never get a tenure-track job.

As a child I played near the mill
and breathed deep the pines
loving trees and death of trees,
roots and needles, sawdust, sap.
I saw no border between wild and blade—
holy both.

– Jessica Walsh, “Reliquary”

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