Accola, Rosie 2019

Friday, September 20, 2019
Six Points Reading Series with Jessica Mascarenhas and Rosie Accola
Space Oddities in Humboldt Park


I haven’t been sleeping
though I was taught to dream
of leering men cached in alleys.
I am no longer afraid of them.
When I do sleep,
my fists are clenched.
Sleep is the absence of vigilance;

– Rosie Accola, “My mom never let me go to warped tour”

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Rosie’s work is devastatingly honest, but rife with levity. These poems articulate pain with candor while bravely retaining the space for joy and for humor. Rosie is a poet who is able to capture something very genuine and human, and to communicate it to the page with all its truthful chaos intact.

I think of you whenever I listen to Deathcab,
yr poems make me want to fight for femmes and
beat Bukowski in a bar-room brawl
while running around my parents’ block in winter.

– Rosie Accola, “Sleep”

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