Mukherjee, Dipika 2022

Wednesday, October 19, 2022
Blue Hour Reading Series with Willie Lin and Dipika Mukherjee
Haymarket House


Migration, Exile…these are men’s words.
Women have always been torn up
like rice seedlings to be replanted
in marriage (or another name);
my language weeps its wedding melodies
in many dialects, many tunes
In my next life, O God, don’t make me a daughter:

– Dipika Mukherjee, “Migration, Exile…These Are Men’s Words”

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Dipika Mukherjee begins at 27:45 minutes.

The floor is red cement, cool
in Calcutta heat, the borders black
diamonds under bare feet.
A fierce grandfatherly snore
and the newsprint whirs
to the floor, stirred by a fan.
Up the steps, creeping past
the mezzanine. The women’s room
reveals itself by a hushed giggle.

– Dipika Mukherjee, “Sleep”

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